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MBM Business Banking

27th April at the Merchant’s Hall, 22 Hanover St, Edinburgh, EH2 2EP

8.30am Registration, 9am Start and 1.00pm Close (followed by lunch)


Building on the success of similar events held in 2015 and 2016, MBM Commercial is to host a line-up of more fantastic speakers who will be collectively speaking on the theme of levelling the playing field and achieving fair business banking.

In 2008 the world was plunged headlong into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Built on a foundation of debt, leverage and risk, the global financial system was a house of cards that came tumbling down with appalling speed. In the months and years that followed the collapse of Lehmann Brothers, and with many other financial institutions on the brink, incomprehensible sums of public money were then thrown at the world’s financial institutions to avoid bankruptcy.

As the world economy slowly recovers, a number of legacy banking issues still remain: we are still uncovering fraud and corruption at a high level within our banks, and it is clear that the lack of a competitive banking system offering genuine choice has created huge challenges for small business consumers. The disparity in power between the main financial providers and their business customers leaves those customers open to abuse, and with a significant lack of regulatory protection for these businesses, and a basic reliance on outdated contractual law principles, many may feel the playing field is currently far from level.

We will be looking at what can be done to make these banking relationships fairer and more accountable, how financial disputes between banks and their customers can be systematically resolved fairly, justly and economically, how we get the culture and standards in banks right, the need for competition and choice for small businesses, and who is currently providing that choice.

MBM Commercial LLP is delighted to invite you to a morning conference which will look at what more needs to be done to ensure consistent fair business banking. The conference will cover:

  • Banking fraud and corruption in the wake of the recent conviction of the HBOS Reading bankers who ran the “utterly corrupt scheme” that left hundreds of small business owners cheated, defeated and penniless;
  • The political pressure for a fairer banking system, and financial claims process, currently being levied in Westminster by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking; ·         Bad faith in banking contracts and whether an active requirement for good faith is now needed;
  • The challenges for entrepreneurs and new businesses in today’s challenging market, and the help that is available; and
  • Getting the culture and standards right through competitive banking and real choice for businesses

Places are free of charge and limited so please do hurry and register.

Priority is being given to entrepreneurs and businesses so please bear that in mind. We also need to restrict attendees from any one organisation to ensure that as many companies as possible get a chance to attend.

Invitations are not transferrable without MBM approval.

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About the speakers:

Nikki Taylor, Director of SME Alliance Nikki worked in the music industry all her adult life until in 2007 she and husband Paul had an enforced career change when their business was defrauded by a High Street bank. In their efforts to retain their business and subsequently their family home, they started to investigate the HBOS Reading fraud which, 100,000 documents and ten years later, resulted in six people, including two senior bank directors, being jailed for a total of 47 years 6 months

In that ten-year period the Turners had their eyes opened to the fact that:

  • Banks have been systemically defrauding the SME Sector for many years
  • Neither the FCA (formerly the FSA) nor the FOS have the remit or are equipped to deal with disputes between financial firms and SMEs.
  • There has been little if any political will to shine any light on the disturbing and repeated misconduct in the Banking sector in the last 10 years.
  • SMEs have been priced out of the civil justice process by spiralling legal fees and court costs in parallel with ever decreasing legal aid.
  • In short, one of the biggest and most important sectors to the UK economy, the SME Sector, has limited, if any, access to justice.
  • Between 2011 and 2013 Nikki was a Trustee of Whistle Blowers UK. In September 2014 she co-founded SME Alliance Ltd with corporate lawyer Nick Gould. The purpose of the organisation is to support SME owners who are victims of bank abuse and to lobby in Parliament for better access to justice for the SME Sector

Heather Buchanan, Director of Policy of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking

Heather is the Director of Policy and Strategy for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking. An APPG is an interest group that occupies a strategic and effective position within Parliament. It is a cross-party, with a minimum number of parliamentarians from the Government and the official opposition, and cross-house, made up of both peers and MPs.  The APPG on Fair Business Banking is a platform through which businesses, professionals and trade bodies can discuss issues regarding commercial banking and its role in the life cycle of a business, and through which parliamentarians can access information on banking, finance and related issues, including business rescue and insolvency, on behalf of constituents.  As a cross-party group, the APPG is an effective vehicle to effect meaningful change via the Parliamentary system.  Heather also sits on the Steering Group for BankingFutures.

Professor Hector MacQueen, Edinburgh University Law Faculty Professor

Hector MacQueen was appointed as a full-time Commissioner in September 2009. Professor MacQueen has taught in the Edinburgh Law School since 1979. He was Dean of the Law School 1999-2003, and Dean of Research and Deputy Head of the College of Humanities and Social Science in Edinburgh University 2004-2008. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His main research interests are in the law of obligations (especially contract) and commercial law, legal history, and European private law. His talk will assess recent legal developments on good and bad faith in banking contracts, and discuss what the implications of a more active requirement of good faith might be.

Ian Mason, Virgin StartUp

Ian is Head of Development at Virgin StartUp, the not-for profit Virgin company for entrepreneurs, providing start-up loans and one-to-one business advice and mentoring. He has particular responsibility for enhancing its systems and processes, post-loan support offering and business development. Outside of VSU, he is founder of an education company, providing physical and digital learning resources to schools. Recently, Ian was appointed Leader of the United Kingdom’s delegation to the Y20 Summit, thus representing the views of young people in the UK to the G20 World Leaders at their annual summit and has subsequently become Chairman of Future Leaders Network, an organisation that seeks and develops business, academic and political leaders of the future.

Craig Donaldson, CEO of Metrobank

As CEO of Metro Bank, Craig Donaldson is responsible for providing executive leadership to the bank’s rapidly expanding business. He is chartered with guiding the bank’s evolution from fresh, new entrant in retail banking to trusted financial services partner to millions of UK customers.  From helping define Metro Bank’s brand values, to hiring its inaugural employees and ensuring that the bank’s staff deliver daily customer delight; Craig has been instrumental to Metro Bank from day one.  Craig has prior experience in roles including Managing Director of Retail Products & Direct Channels at RBS, as well as senior roles with Barclays and HBOS. He has a degree in Technology and Management from the University of Bradford. He believes that to level the playing field, we need to get the culture and standards in banks right, and will be looking at how we achieve this, including the need for competition and choice for businesses. Craig is a keen supporter of Sunderland AFC and is lucky enough to have a young family to enjoy.

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