Fife Council invests £20,000 in community crowdfunding campaigns

Fife Council has invested £20,000 to support crowdfunding campaigns aimed at establishing new community projects.

Any local voluntary group can use “Crowdfund Fife” to unlock funding and can also attract additional funds from the council if the project fits certain criteria.

Cllr Judy Hamilton, convenor of Fife Council’s community and housing services committee, said: “This is a fantastic way for people to get together, share ideas and get local projects off the ground.

“In these times where resources are tight and the council has to prioritise budgets, we are doing more to support communities to take the lead with projects that can make a real difference locally.”

More people are bypassing traditional bank loans or grants and turning instead to the people around them to support community ventures, the council noted.

Crowdfund Fife’s mission is to make it easier for people to see their community ideas come to life.

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