And finally…Edmonds launches anit-Lloyds radio station

Noel Edmonds (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Television presenter Noel Edmonds, who recently announced that he has secured a seven figure amount to pursue his high-profile £60 million legal case against Lloyds Banking Group, has now expanded his campaign to the airwaves after launching his own online radio station mocking the banking giant.

‘Positively Noel’ has been set up by the former Deal or No Deal host after he revealed plans to take on the bank in a lawsuit after falling victim to a multi-million pound fraud a decade ago.

An online description of the new venture says it is “Noel Edmond’s personal station” and will feature “eclectic music, odd guests and you”.

Between songs, Emonds plays messages about his case and encourages Lloyds staff to call his whistleblowing hotline.

The music, which is also interspersed with anti-banking messages and parody Lloyds adverts mocking the bank, relates to the TV and radio host’s campaign in some way - including Lunchmoney Lewis’s Bills, and Don’t Give Up by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

Edmonds also uses the platform to appeal for anyone who has had similar experiences to get in touch.

The mock Lloyds adverts use the same music as the bank’s genuine commercials - but one has a voiceover saying: “Lloyds Bank don’t care… we’re here to make people suffer.”

The celebrity is seeking compensation of up to £60 million over a scam that saw staff at the Reading branch of HBOS, which was subsequently bought by Lloyds, jailed.

The scandal involved corrupt staff from the HBOS branch conduct a £245 million loans scam between 2003 and 2007 which destroyed several businesses.