And Finally

And finally… designers propose world’s first 360-degree infinity pool atop London skyscraper

Death defying swimming pools are set to become the newest architectural trend in central London under newly unveiled concept designs.

Published 14 June 2019

And finally... Scottish town runs out of cash in first weekend without a bank

The Highland town of Lossiemouth has seen its cash machines run dry in its first weekend without a high street bank.

Published 13 June 2019

And finally… Sagrada Familia granted planning permission at last

Barcelona’s city authority has finally granted a building permit to Sagrada Familia, 137 after work began.

Published 12 June 2019

And finally... do you want fries with that?

Russia's largest bank Sberbank has announced plans to open an outlet inside a McDonald's restaurant.

Published 11 June 2019

And finally... holy smoke

The Church of England is to consider investing in medical marijuana for the first time after relaxing a self-imposed ban, according to reports.

Published 10 June 2019

And finally... Amazon device would read people's emotions

Online retail giant Amazon is in the process of developing a new piece of wearable tech with a voice-activated capacity to recognise human emotions via a variety of signals, Bloomberg has reported.

Published 7 June 2019

And finally… Waitrose to introduce energy-saving ‘invisible’ doors

An ‘invisible door’ that has the potential to save British retailers a combined £1.5 billion per year by reducing their energy bills is to be introduced by Waitrose.

Published 6 June 2019

And finally... Japanese cinema ticket prices increased for first time in 26 years

The price of a standard ticket to attend the cinema in Japan has remained the same for over a quarter of a century but will now finally be increased.

Published 5 June 2019

And finally… long-lost Lewis chessman found in drawer could fetch £1m

A medieval chess piece that was missing for almost 200 years has appeared and could fetch £1 million at auction having been kept unknowingly in a drawer by an Edinburgh family for decades.

Published 4 June 2019

And finally... HSBC bans car parking and tells workers to get on their bikes

HSBC UK is to slash 90 per cent of its 700 staff car parking spaces across two of its regional centres, installing bike racks and changing rooms instead.

Published 3 June 2019

And finally... son turns dad into bank job getaway driver

Police in the American state of Maine have revealed that a man who robbed a bank duped his own dad into being his getaway driving.

Published 31 May 2019

And finally... toxic laptop sold for £1m

A laptop infected with six of the world’s most dangerous computer viruses and made into a piece of art has been sold for more than £1 million.

Published 30 May 2019

And finally... Amazon founder's billionaire ex-wife to give away half of her settlement fortune

MacKenzie Bezos, the ex-wife of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, has promised to give half of her £29bn fortune to charity.

Published 29 May 2019

And finally... Robin Hood government raids narco's garages

The new left-wing government in Mexico has hailed the success of a “Robin Hood” auction it has held of dozens of luxury cars seized from criminals to raise money for its social welfare programmes.

Published 28 May 2019

And finally... Netflix and no chill

A city which introduced the world's first tax on digital streaming services, dubbed the "Netflix tax", has finally started to collect significant amounts of money from the measure.

Published 27 May 2019