And Finally

And finally... parking mad

A parking space located opposite Harrods has gone up for sale for £250,000.

Published 15 October 2021

And finally… banned books

A box left at the front door of a library prompted the arrival of a bomb squad – who discovered that it contained books.

Published 14 October 2021

And finally… fake news

Fur robes given to former US president Donald Trump by the Saudi royal family have turned out to be fake.

Published 13 October 2021

And finally… grounded

A speeding motorist was relieved of his brand-new Lamborghini just hours after he purchased it under new Danish legislation.

Published 12 October 2021

And finally... inconsolable

A Russian company specialising in custom-made designer gadgets is selling a solid gold PlayStation 5 for $320,000.

Published 11 October 2021

And finally… blue movie

A police officer in Hollywood has been sacked after accidentally broadcasting the sound of him having sex while on duty at Universal Studios.

Published 8 October 2021

And finally… unforeseen consequences

A man who paid nearly €4,500 to a psychic to have her remove a curse on his marriage is suing her after his relationship failed to improve.

Published 7 October 2021

And finally… siren song

India's transport minister has promised to legislate to make ambulance sirens sound more pleasant and make car horns use only Indian instruments.

Published 6 October 2021

And finally… tattletail

Police officers came to the rescue of seven baby squirrels whose tails were tangled together.

Published 5 October 2021

And finally... hundred acre wood

A bridge made famous in the Winnie the Pooh books is up for auction.

Published 4 October 2021

And finally… Montezuma’s revenge

A group of parents are suing California over schools' "promotion" of Aztec gods and deities who were once honoured with human sacrifice.

Published 1 October 2021

And finally… the cup that cheers

A lawyer caught driving while nearly four times the drink-drive limit claimed that homemade kombucha tea was to blame.

Published 30 September 2021

And finally... money for nothing

A Danish museum lent an artist $84,000 to reproduce an old work depicting labour. Instead, the artist delivered two empty frames, took the money and called it conceptual art. 

Published 29 September 2021

And finally… number’s up

Hundreds of number plates featuring the new 71 series have been banned over fears of inappropriate applications such as TA71 BAN and AN71 VAX.

Published 28 September 2021

And finally... bad hair day

A professional hair model has been awarded 20 million rupees, almost £200,000, after a haircut at one of Delhi's most renowned salon's left her without a job.

Published 27 September 2021