And Finally

And finally…Brazilian mayor wanted for corruption ran town via WhatsApp

A mayor in Brazil is on the run after she was accused of siphoning off millions of pounds worth of funds from the local school system and running the town remotely through social messaging service WhatsApp.

Published 4 September 2015

And finally…. Sheikh plans four helipads on Highland estate

The crown prince and ruler of Dubai wants to build no less than four helicopter landing zones on his remote Highland estate.

Published 2 September 2015

And finally… ’It’s boring being a billionaire’, says billionaire

Markus Persson, the 36-year-old creator of internet gaming sensation Minecraft, has taken to Twitter to complain of how super-wealth has brought him only boredom and loneliness.

Published 1 September 2015

And finally... a turkey voting for Christmas

A 23-year old college student in Missouri will have a veto on a local sales tax increase after the city council's gerrymandering attempt went wrong.

Published 31 August 2015

And finally...Hammered thrower pays for Bejing taxi with gold medal

As this week’s world athletics championships continues in Bejing today, news has emerged that gold medal-winning Polish hammer thrower Pawel Fajdek got so hammered during his victory celebrations that he paid for a taxi with gong.

Published 26 August 2015

And finally…”No hard feelings” as BBC ‘Dragons’ pull out of Scots’ investment deal

Two young Scots entrepreneurs who were offered £65,000 funding on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den programme only to see it withdrawn on a technicality, say they have no regrets.

Published 25 August 2015

And finally...Lego now 'better investment than shares or gold'

The average pristine Lego set has increased in value by around 12 per cent since 2000, outstripping the return on investment in the stock market, gold or traditional bank accounts.

Published 24 August 2015

And finally…It’s the economy, infant! – downturn hits kids in the pocket

While the economic recovery continues apace and wages rise, youngsters are yet to feel the trickle-down effect as pocket money remains depressed, according to latest figures.

Published 21 August 2015

And finally...Fifth of Scots keep partners in the dark over debt

Almost one in five Scots have not told their partner the full extent of their debts, according to new research.

Published 20 August 2015

And finally…More and more never want to retire

New research has revealed that 6 per cent of over 50s and 11 per cent of over 60s who are not yet retired ever plan on doing so.

Published 18 August 2015

And finally…Boss's pay 183 times higher than their minions'

The average pay of a UK chief executive is 183 times that of their average member of staff and now almost hits a staggering £5 million each.

Published 17 August 2015