And Finally

And finally...Card mix-up makes Santander customer cross…stitch

A Santander customer who got so exasperated waiting for his new bank card to be sent to him has chosen to cross-stitched a replica and sent it to his bank.

Published 21 May 2015

And finally...500 Scots workers a Schuh-in for share of £25m bonus

More than 500 workers at Livingston-based footwear firm schuh are set to share in a £25m profit-related bonus.

Published 20 May 2015

And finally...The emergence of the 'bank of son and daughter'

Older borrowers who are falling foul of new strict lending rules are being refused mortgages and forced to rely on backing from their children, it has emerged.

Published 19 May 2015

And finally... pull the other one

A group of bell ringers at a church in Kent were forced to fill out a US tax form, hand over their personal bank details, and clarify their links with the nuclear power industry in order to open a bank account.

Published 18 May 2015

And finally…Scottish diners are UK’s leading tippers

The weary stereotype of the stingy Scot may be well-known the world over, but new research has revealed that we are actually the most likely people in the UK to leave a tip.

Published 15 May 2015

And finally…Edinburgh teacher leaves chunk of £2m fortune to former school

A retired Scottish teacher has left a £2 million fortune to her former school in Edinburgh to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Published 14 May 2015

And finally…Eccentric millionaire issues new clue in hunt for $2m Rocky Mountain treasure chest

Thousands of people have joined the search for a chest full of gold coins and jewels hidden by a millionaire in America’s Rocky Mountains.

Published 13 May 2015

And finally...PwC Scotland cyclists gear up for 2,500 mile 'Ride the Nation' charity drive

Twenty one intrepid cyclists from PwC Scotland are gearing up join the UK firm’s ambitious Ride the Nation challenge, which will cover over 2,500 miles – including almost 300 in Scotland - raising funds for the Scottish Association for Mental Health, the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow and PwC UKs race for £3million.

Published 12 May 2015

And finally…Prophetic Scots pensioner scoops £210,000 on record £30k Tory bet

As David Cameron gets ready for his trip to see the Queen today, one Scottish pensioner who last week placed a record-breaking £30,000 bet on an outright Tory majority will be off to visit the bookies.

Published 8 May 2015

And finally…Vorsprung durch…how much?

A woman who was offered a free meal by an Audi garage which damaged her car went to town and ran up a £700 bill at a flash Michelin-starred London restaurant only to be told they wouldn’t stump up after all.

Published 7 May 2015

And finally…Punter places £3000 gamble on Lib Dems to beat Salmond

Amid the final throws of election campaigning, one politically-minded punter in Aberdeen is attempting to beat the odds after placing what polls would suggest is an optimistic £3,000 bet on the Liberal Democrats to beat former First Minister Alex Salmond and retain their Gordon seat.

Published 6 May 2015

And finally…Scottish workers would prefer extra holidays to a bonus

As many Scottish employees return to work after the first of two Spring bank holidays,  new research from PwC has revealed that, if offered, most Scottish workers would prefer to take five days extra holiday than receive a one-off bonus of £500.

Published 5 May 2015

And finally…Bankers most likely to cheat –in love

Those working in finance are more likely to cheat on their partner than any other profession, according to new research.

Published 1 May 2015

And finally… Quarter of Scots newlyweds still paying for big day six years later

The pressure to have a dream wedding or civil partnership is coming at a high cost for some couples, as almost a quarter (24 per cent) of Scots borrow to fund their big day, according to new research.

Published 30 April 2015