And Finally

And finally… dog eat dog

President Joe Biden's two German shepherds have been sent home from the White House after biting a security guard.

Published 11 March 2021

And finally... prime lot

Winston Churchill's slippers have sold for nearly £40,00 at an auction this week.

Published 10 March 2021

And finally… all ghillied up

A convicted robber who absconded from prison was caught by police when he came out of hiding to buy the latest Call of Duty video game.

Published 9 March 2021

And finally… social insecurity

Giuseppe Refrigeri, an Italian mafia boss who was allegedly claiming unemployment benefit in Spain has been arrested on the Costa del Sol.

Published 8 March 2021

And finally… on the lam

Banksy has confirmed a painting on the former Reading Prison depicting its most famous inmate Oscar Wilde is his work. 

Published 5 March 2021

And finally… what’s in a name?

A man who shares a surname with a derogatory term is suing a major academic institution over its definition.

Published 4 March 2021

And finally… eggcellent

A golden egg made for a Cadbury’s treasure hunt in 1983 has sold at auction for £37,200.

Published 3 March 2021

And finally… trial and error

A plastic surgeon who appeared in a virtual trial while operating on a patient is facing an ethics investigation.

Published 2 March 2021

And finally... bunkered

A juror has been fined after he was caught reading a golf magazine during a robbery trial.

Published 1 March 2021

And finally… royalties

Spain's exiled former king Juan Carlos has paid the country’s tax authority more than €4 million.

Published 26 February 2021

And finally… Gogh away

A British family are selling a Vincent van Gogh drawing once stolen by the Nazis for a potentially record-breaking price to avoid the prospect of a rise in capital gains tax.

Published 25 February 2021

And finally… from ruffs to riches

Police dogs will benefit from a state pension for the first time under proposals from the Polish government.

Published 24 February 2021

And finally... dram-atic

The last of Speyside distillery The Glenrothes’ 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky has gone under the hammer at an exclusive auction for £39,000.

Published 23 February 2021

And finally... common cents

Victorian pennies have sold for thousands at a North Yorkshire auction house.

Published 22 February 2021

And finally... Beatles for sale

A hotel visitors' book signed by The Beatles has been sold at auction for £6,700.

Published 19 February 2021