And Finally

And finally… Godfather part 4

The bond between the Sicilian mafia and American crime families is as strong as ever, it has emerged.

Published 16 July 2021

And finally… cockfight

A rooster who prevailed in a legal battle for the right to crow has become the subject of an opera celebrating rural life.

Published 15 July 2021

And finally... it's not nice!

Sacha Baron Cohen has instigated legal action against an American cannabis firm that put his Borat character on a billboard advertisement.

Published 14 July 2021

And finally… cardinal sin

A group of alleged fraudsters who dressed up as cardinals in order to dupe people out of millions of euros have been caught in an undercover police operation that saw officers themselves disguised – as priests.

Published 13 July 2021

And finally... game over

A pristine, unopened copy of Super Mario 64 has broken the record for the most expensive video game sold at auction.

Published 12 July 2021

And finally… pumpkin fraud squashed

Angela Gulbenkian, a socialite member of one of the world’s largest art-collecting dynasties, has admitted to being involved in a £1.15 million fraud involving a missing pumpkin sculpture.

Published 9 July 2021

And finally… coming clean

A millionaire couple have agreed to hand over £4 million allegedly generated through the so-called "Azerbaijan laundromat".

Published 8 July 2021

And finally… own goal

A part-time footballer lost a £55,000 personal injury claim after scoring a remarkable goal on live television with his allegedly injured foot.

Published 7 July 2021

And finally… bark worse than bite

Dogs who flunked out of police academy because they were too timid, unfit or reluctant to bite people have been put up for auction.

Published 6 July 2021

And finally... independence day

A copy of the 1776 American Declaration of Independence has sold for £3,210,000 after being found in the attic of a Scottish ancestral home.

Published 5 July 2021

And finally… do not pass Go

A man has been arrested after attempting to pay his bail with fake money.

Published 2 July 2021

And finally... net worth

An NFT of the original source code for the world wide web has sold for $5.4 million at auction.

Published 1 July 2021

And finally… pen name

A wanted man was arrested after giving police officers a fake name – which happened to be the name of another wanted man.

Published 30 June 2021

And finally... record lot

Last month, a rare 14th-century French gothic cabinet set a new record for the most valuable work of art ever sold in Scotland.

Published 28 June 2021

And finally... rare find

An extremely rare Edward III gold coin lost in the wake of the Black Death has been found by a metal detectorist in Norfolk.

Published 25 June 2021