Jonathan Smith: On-the-job training – it all adds up in 2021

Jonathan Smith, an Aberdeen-based coach and facilitator with peer-to-peer business networking platform The Alternative Board (TAB), discusses how businesses could benefit from 'free' training for their staff.

Published 22 January 2021

Martin Keenan: Scottish Seafood takes brunt of complex ‘Teething Problems’

Martin Keenan, a cross-border VAT specialist with Azets in Scotland, has warned that the recent description of the problems faced by Scottish Seafood businesses trying to deliver their products to EU customers as “Teething problems” significantly understates the complex and challenging issues many food businesses are having to address.

Published 20 January 2021

Neil Francis: Solid foundations will keep Scotland's international ambitions on track

Neil Francis, interim managing director of Scottish Enterprise, looks ahead to the trade and investment environment in Scotland in 2021.

Published 15 January 2021

Janette Speed: Property sector can help re-build UK economy

According to a recent survey, post-Brexit Britain is considered a prime real estate proposition by investors, developers and asset managers from across Europe, China and the US. Notably, it ranked the UK highest for future residential property investment.

Published 13 January 2021

Neil Norman: Huge challenges of targeting tax rises

Neil Norman, head of entrepreneurial tax and senior tax partner at Chiene + Tait, discusses the issues surrounding potential changes to taxation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Published 12 January 2021

Murdoch MacLennan: Lenders must support businesses by extending repayment holidays

Murdoch MacLennan, a partner with Azets and a specialist in banking, is urging lenders to continue supporting businesses struggling with cash flow problems by extending for a further six-month term capital repayment holidays for debt that was arranged pre-COVID.

Published 11 January 2021

Jonathan Smith: How to help managers manage better

Jonathan Smith, an Aberdeen-based business coach and facilitator at The Alternative Board (TAB), provides advice on how to help managers in all business sectors in Scotland manage better.

Published 6 January 2021

Sharon McDougall: Battling a personal debt crisis during COVID-19

Sharon McDougall, part of Begbies Traynor's Scotland Debt Solutions Team, discusses how a personal debt crisis can be handled during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Published 24 December 2020

Sharon McDougall: Predicting life after the end of the furlough scheme

Sharon McDougall, part of Begbies Traynor's Scotland Debt Solutions Team, discusses the outlook for businesses after the end of the furlough scheme.

Published 23 December 2020

Ian McMonagle: UK citizens living in Europe must act now to regularise their tax affairs

Ian McMonagle, tax specialist at Russell & Russell Business Advisers based in Glasgow, discusses why UK citizens living in Europe must act now to sort their tax affairs following changes in EU residency regulations.

Published 23 December 2020

Catherine Burnet: Let’s make 2021 Scotland’s ‘year of transformation’

Catherine Burnet, KPMG’s regional chair for Scotland, looks back at the challenges Scotland’s faced in the last year, and what lies ahead.

Published 22 December 2020

Catherine Feechan: Four ‘D’ planning is critical for business

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught company founders, it is how an unexpected event can be catastrophic to a business.

Published 18 December 2020

Richard Dunbar: Vaccines offer an 'escape hatch' from economic effects of COVID

Richard Dunbar, head of multi-asset research at Aberdeen Standard Investments, provides the company's 2021 outlook commentary.

Published 17 December 2020

Jenny Healy: Growing pressure on UK government to introduce new wealth tax

Jenny Healy, director of accounts and audit, based in the Saffery Champness Edinburgh office and a member of the firm’s Landed Estates and Rural Business Group, discusses the growing pressure on the UK Government to introduce a new wealth tax.

Published 16 December 2020

Neil Francis: Now's the time to prepare for Brexit

Neil Francis, interim managing director of Scottish Enterprise, outlines the support available to Scottish companies as the EU transition period comes to an end.

Published 15 December 2020