Alison Woods: Diversity dividend critical in post-COVID economy

Alison Woods, partner and employment law specialist at CMS, discusses the importance of diversity in the workplace as the world emerges from the coronavirus lockdown. 

Published 21 July 2020

Fraser Campbell: Time for collective action, clarity and teamwork

The Higgins Report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery for the Scottish Government has attracted considerable comment in the media and several alternative views have surfaced from senior business figures. At the same time, Campbell Dallas has been holding round table and one to one discussions with our SME and OMB clients on how they are feeling as we ease out of lockdown - and the topic of government policy, roadmap and support continually gets raised.

Published 21 July 2020

Nimesh Shah: Tax simplification could see tax rises

Nimesh Shah, partner at Blick Rothenberg, discusses the implications of tax simplification ahead of chancellor Rishi Sunak's tax 'raid'.

Published 15 July 2020

Lauren Hazlie: Extension to the Additional Dwelling Supplement Tax reclaim period

Lauren Hazlie, property solicitor at Jones Whyte, details the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the housing market by discussing the extension to the Additional Dwelling Supplement Tax reclaim period.

Published 13 July 2020

Andrew Knowles: Suspending wrongful trading gives directors breathing space, but they aren’t immune from liability

Andrew Knowles, senior director, restructuring advisory at financial consultancy firm Duff Phelps, details how the temporary suspension of wrongful trading doesn’t change the attention that directors should be giving when evaluating the financial position of their company.

Published 13 July 2020

Roland Smyth: 10 reopening tips for bars and restaurant owners

Roland Smyth, head of Scottish hotels & leisure group at law firm CMS, provides some tips for bars and restaurant owners who are planning to reopen their businesses this week. 

Published 13 July 2020

Helen Foord: Top five systems which will help you to run your business virtually

Helen Foord, founder of Edinburgh-based professional services communications agency ELE Global, shares her top five apps/programmes/systems which will help to run businesses virtually.

Published 9 July 2020

Jackie Fraser: Time for tourism to gear up for reopening

Jackie Fraser, Inverness-based partner at accountants Chiene + Tait, details the reopening of Scotland's tourism sector after the coronavirus lockdown.

Published 7 July 2020

Sean McGinness: COVID-19 impact on land sales – way forward for landowners becoming clearer

Following the reopening of construction sites in Scotland, Sean McGinness believes the picture should start to become clearer for rural landowners who are in discussions with housebuilders and developers regarding potential new developments and land sales.

Published 7 July 2020

Stephen McGowan: Three steps forward for Scottish hospitality industry

Stephen McGowan comments on the latest lockdown updates for the hospitality industry.

Published 7 July 2020

Brian McMurray: Tech deals a clear target for 2020

Brian McMurray, partner and head of tech at Anderson Anderson & Brown (AAB), details how deals within the tech sector will remain strong in 2020. 

Published 6 July 2020

Niall Brown: Glass half full for Scottish whisky investors

In light of recent updates from the US on new tariffs applied to $3.1billion of European goods, of which Scotch Whisky is included (already with a 25% tariff), Niall Brown, senior portfolio director of Braeburn Whisky comments on how this will impact whisky cask investment and why it could be beneficial for investors.

Published 6 July 2020

Simon Capaldi: COVID-19 will accelerate the evolution of office-based working

Simon Capaldi, office agency partner at Knight Frank, discusses how the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate changes to office-based working.

Published 30 June 2020

Charlotte Edwards: IR35 Reform – full steam ahead for April 2021

Charlotte Edwards, global employment taxes senior manager and head of IR35 at Anderson Anderson & Brown (AAB), discusses the needs for films to plan for the IR35 changes coming into place in 2021. 

Published 25 June 2020

Martyn Paterson: ESG investing

Martyn Paterson, financial planner at AAB Wealth, discusses the intricacies of ESG investing.

Published 25 June 2020