CIOT/ETN Webinar: Estate planning with pensions - a guide for tax advisers and solicitors

The Edinburgh Tax Network and the Chartered Institute of Taxation, in conjunction with Terra Firma Chambers, will present a talk entitled Estate Planning with Pensions- A Guide for Tax Advisers and Solicitors on Tuesday 30 November 2021, from 12noon to 1pm.

Presented by Richard Johnston of AAB Wealth, the event will cover: 

  • Pension Freedom – five years on….
  • IHT exemption and pensions – when it applies – and more importantly, when it does not
  • Choosing the lesser evil – IHT, income tax and the Lifetime Allowance tax charge
  • It’s not all about the tax! - bear traps and practical considerations
  • Dealing with complex family circumstances
  • Thoughts on future policy

There is no charge for attendance however registration is necessary. To sign up, please click here.