And finally… Man quits job to build dream treehouse with hot tub and skate park

Image courtesy of Foster Huntingdon
Image courtesy of Foster Huntingdon

An American man has decided that he was done with the city life and instead wanted to build a giant treehouse.

Called the Cinder Cone, it’s an incredible high-rise wooden cabin that has taken a year to build. Recruiting the help of friends, Foster Huntingdon, who quit his job in New York for the project, has nearly finished his little piece of Utopia and is now looking to share what he’s learnt with the rest of the world.

Consisting of a number of different ‘cabins’, the complex is all connected via a series of rope bridges. There’s also a wooden hot tub and skate park so you can unleash your inner child.

To share his experience, Huntingdon has started a Kickstarter project for a book. Called quite simply ‘The Cinder Cone’, the book will describe his journey including the planning, building and finished article.

The hope is that sharing his incredible creation he’ll inspire others to leave the city and go out and build their own little corner of the world.

Huntingdon still works as a freelance photographer and uses his amazing creation as a rather handy backdrop for much of his work.