And finally…Beer money – hipster charged £223,000 for six pack

money-box-beer-moneyA London man has been left in shock after he was hit with a huge bill of more than £200,000 for just six bottles of fancy beer.

The 28-year-old was accidentally charged £223,000 for six American Craft beers at a trendy North London off license instead of the £22.30 that he actually owed.

Apparently the customer only realised the error when his card was declined.

According to the Mail Online, the pricey mistake happened at Kris Wines on York Way in Islington, North London.

The shop claims to be the ‘No 1 Craft Beer shop in London’ and they have a range of more than 700 different beers.

It’s thought that the customer had punched in his PIN number before the machine was ready and so it added the numbers to the total.

He told the Telegraph: “I wasn’t really paying attention but I glanced down and saw the first two numbers,”

“They looked fine so I tapped in my PIN.

“As soon as it declined the shop assistant and I realised what had happened and we just laughed.”

The off licence manager, Kris Menan, said: “It was a mishap caused when the customer entered his PIN too quickly and the numbers added onto the final amount.

“Sometimes you have to wait a couple of seconds, but the customer was just too eager.

“The amount was declined and I gave the man the receipt.”