And finally…Eccentric millionaire issues new clue in hunt for $2m Rocky Mountain treasure chest

Thousands of people have joined the search for a chest full of gold coins and jewels hidden by a millionaire in America’s Rocky Mountains.

Forret Fenn
Forret Fenn

Five years ago, art collector and author, Forrest Fenn from the US state of New Mexico hid a 10-by-10 inch treasure chest in the mountains and then provided clues in his book “The Thrill of the Chase.”

The millionaire has since remained silent on exactly how much the hoard is worth, but the New Mexico Tourism Department estimates it is worth $2 million.

Although he provided many clues in a poem in his book, nine in all, only a few have come close to discovering the chest, Fenn said.

They were 200 feet away from the hiding place.

Over the years he has dropped hints further to those in his book, but he has now dropped a new clue by saying that he knows the chest is wet.

Mr Fenn expects the skiffy will see about 50,000 treasure hunters will flock to the mountains this summer, up from 30,000 last summer.

“A lot of people who are searching for the treasure don’t see it the same way I do. I would love if someone found it tomorrow but if nobody found it for a hundred years, that’s okay with me too,” he said.

Fenn, a Vietnam War veteran, said he decided to hide a treasure chest after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1988.

“I think it’s out of control,” 84-year-old, said.

“But mostly my motive was to get kids off the couch and away from their texting machines and out in the mountains,” he added.