And finally…Prophetic Scots pensioner scoops £210,000 on record £30k Tory bet

David Cameron
Cameron: not the only one smiling today.

As David Cameron gets ready for his trip to see the Queen today, one Scottish pensioner who last week placed a record-breaking £30,000 bet on an outright Tory majority will be off to visit the bookies.

But while Mr Cameron will go back to Downing Street with a thin mandate and royal consent, the plucky punter from Glasgow will be returning home with a hefty £210,000 windfall.

It is a bad day for Ladbrokes, though, after last week announcing what it said was the largest bet it took on a majority government being the result of the vote.

As the nation prepared for a hung parliament during the last days of campaigning, staff at the bookies’ Hope Street branch took the bet from a “confident and calm” man who had produced £30,000 in “crisp £50 notes”.

He was given odds of 7/1 on David Cameron’s party winning more than half the seats.

Upon taking the bet, Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Downtown Glasgow is the last place you’d expect to find a punter prepared to have a record-breaking bet on the Tories.

“It’s fair to say Cameron and co have been handed a vote of confidence from one of the unlikeliest locations and, should they defy the odds, our customer will land a significant windfall.”