World: ‘Almost all’ Pakistani banks hit by hackers

Customer card data from nearly all of Pakistan’s major banks has been stolen in a massive cyberattack, according to the country’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Pakistani officials said the nation’s banks have not been hacked, but still conceded that they are taking defensive steps after nearly 20,000 payment card details appeared for sale online.

The State Bank of Pakistan says banks are implementing restrictions on international transactions.

FIA director Mohammad Shoaib told local media about the breach shortly after cybersecurity firm Group-IB warned that a dump of Pakistani credit and debit card details has been doing the rounds of carder forums.

According to Geo News, six banks have suspended the use of their debit cards outside of Pakistan. Last week, hackers got away with at least Rs2.6 million from Bank Islami accounts.

“More than 100 cases have been registered with the FIA and are under investigation. We have made several arrests in the case, including that of an international gang,” Shoaib told Geo News.

Added Shoaib: “If a bank’s security infrastructure is weak then the bank is to be held responsible for any breach.”