Aberdeen networker and entrepreneur launches new business

Aberdeen networker and entrepreneur launches new business

Andrew Smith

Award-winning Aberdeen entrepreneur Andrew Smith has recently launched his latest venture, KLT Networking, aimed at empowering companies and individuals to enhance their business-winning capabilities.

Previously the owner of Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) for 14 years, Mr Smith successfully facilitated over £27 million worth of business for participating firms before the company’s sale in 2022.

His new company, KLT Networking, will provide a range of services for companies and individuals aimed at helping networkers to win more business. KLT, which stands for ‘Know, Like, Trust’, encapsulates the key principles Mr Smith has learned over the years on building successful networking relationships.

KLT Networking will deliver tailored in-house solutions for companies and organisations, following an in-depth information gathering process and a comprehensive networking audit.

Additionally, individuals can access a one-to-one coaching programme as well as a unique ‘networking review and boost’, helping them gain maximum benefit from their networking.

Mr Smith, who lives in Aberdeen and is originally from Montrose, said: “Networking is undeniably my passion and I’m very excited to be helping companies and individuals achieve their goals. Over the years I’ve observed a widespread challenge – networkers trying to unlock the full potential of their networking efforts.

“In the UK, more than 50% of business-to-business sales result from networking, yet the conversion rate for winning business through established contacts stands at only 40%. Recognising this gap, I am looking forward to sharing my insights and assisting others in developing relationships that lead to successful business wins.

“Networking takes time, money and effort, but when done correctly – using a ‘before, during, after and ever after’ approach – it is a terrific long-term investment for any business.”

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