And finally… experience is the best teacher

And finally... experience is the best teacher

A high school is being sued after a teacher allegedly brought real swords to the classroom and instructed pupils to fight.

Chemistry teacher Loviata Mitchell allegedly told pupils she had a “surprise” before pulling out weapons described as resembling a katana and a rapier, which she smuggled past security guards, CBS reports.

She then allegedly directed students to make a space in the centre of the classroom for pupils to pair up and fight, while a two-minute fight timer was displayed using the classroom projector.

The ad-hoc school fight club was quickly derailed after a schoolgirl was injured with the katana, requiring medical attention.

The lawsuit, brought by the girl’s guardians, claims that Ms Mitchell said “I’m in trouble!” and told pupils to delete their phone footage of the fights.

Damages are being sought from the school, its vice principal and the teacher, who is no longer working at the school.

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