And finally…Microsoft teams with bank to create facial recognition ATM

And finally...Microsoft teams with bank to create facial recognition ATM

Global technology giant Mircrosoft has joined forces with National Australia Bank to develop an ATM machine that uses AI technology and facial recognition instead of cards or even a phone or finger pint analysis.

The cloud-based application, developed using Azure Cognitive Services, has been designed to improve the customer experience.

The system does not store images of customers’ faces, only the biometric data, which is held securely on Microsoft’s trusted cloud platform.

Steven Worrall, MD, Microsoft Australia, says: “Cloud computing and artificial intelligence present the opportunity for a new generation of secure, streamlined financial services to be developed and rapidly deployed at scale.

“NAB’s innovation focus is concentrated on meeting the changing needs of the customer; this concept ATM that NAB and Microsoft are working on together provides an important glimpse into the future.”

NAB chief technology and operations officer Patrick Wright added: “Cloud technology allows us to take advantage of features and capabilities that are world-leading and enable us to deliver at pace for our customers.”

The Aussie bank has committed to cloud computing as part of its “transformation initiative”, transitioning key workloads to Microsoft’s recently opened Azure Central region.

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