Cask Whisky Association launches to safeguard Scotch Whisky integrity

Cask Whisky Association launches to safeguard Scotch Whisky integrity

The newly formed Cask Whisky Association (CWA) has been launched today, establishing a protective platform for whisky aficionados and customers, focusing on enabling secure buying and selling of casks.

The CWA is made up of two boards of members and advisors and includes cask whisky businesses, distilleries, independent bottlers, whisky experts and authors as well as legal and insurance professionals working within what is presently an unregulated part of the sector.

By setting best practices in cask whisky ownership and sale, the association aims to protect cask whisky customers and the wider whisky industry.

George Frier, partner at Shepherd and Wedderburn, who has over 30 years’ experience working with the whisky industry, provided guidance to the founding members in establishing the association, membership standards and criteria.

Chairman of the Advisory Board and spokesman for the CWA Colin Hampden-White says the Association’s goal is to uphold the overall reputation of the Scotch whisky industry.

He said: “The Cask Whisky Association exists to protect private customers from unscrupulous business practices and traders and safeguard independent bottlers from over-inflated pricing.

“Our Members are committed to, and will provide guidance on, best practice.”

Mr Frier commented: “The Association will help guide and bring together like-minded traders wanting to promote best practice in the industry.

It has also got a wider positive implication for the Scotch industry generally, as no one would want its worldwide reputation to be damaged by sales of rogue or mis-sold casks.”

Membership to the CWA is open to UK-based, financially-stable companies who uphold quality standards and retain all appropriate licences.

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