Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging plans for increase in production in response to ERP tax

Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging plans for increase in production in response to ERP tax

Glasgow-based packaging innovator Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging is set to increase production to a massive one billion plastic free units per year as the demand soars for its sustainable corrugated and moulded fibre packaging to replace plastic in high volumes.

This signifies a 67% increase from its previous high of 1.2 billion units produced in 2021-2022.

Cullen’s production has hit an all-time high this quarter, with increased demand from retailers, health services and food and drink producers in the 34 countries it serves, including the UK. In response, the packaging pioneer is poised to build more of its own patented machines, all of which are made exclusively in-house, as well as bespoke tooling to handle the increasingly complex orders for high volumes of moulded fibre versions of plastic packaging.

The increased demand is partially due to the increasingly diverse range of plastic packaging that Cullen is being asked to replace, including secondary and tertiary packaging styles such as collation trays, protective inserts and transport packs. The entirely biodegradable moulded fibre material itself is made from Cullen’s circular manufacturing process, using recycled byproducts of its corrugate packaging business.

Cullen’s production boost is welcome news for those affected by the new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, which will mean that businesses will be liable for further taxation on harder-to-recycle packaging, including plastics. The exposure for sustainable packaging is far smaller making many cost differences between plastic and moulded fibre packaging negligible.

David MacDonald, Cullen ECO-Friendly Packaging’s Owner. CEO and EY Entrepreneur of the Year UK Transformational Leader, said: “Many companies are daunted by the upcoming EPR legislation, but more are starting to realise there are moulded fibre-based packaging replacements for plastic in the volumes they need.

“It’s not only much more tax-friendly, it’s also a huge leap forward for sustainability, so it’s a win-win. Thanks to our advances in innovation, like our Fibre Bottle, a paper bottle replacement for plastic bottles and pouches for dry goods, we’re at a point where there are viable sustainable alternatives to most single-use plastic packaging”.

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