Days lost to Scots industrial disputes down 84 per cent in 7 years

Roseanna Cunningham
Roseanna Cunningham

Fewer days have been lost to industrial disputes in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, according to the Scottish Government.

Citing government figures, fair work secretary Roseanna Cunningham said the number of days lost to industrial disputes decreased by 84 per cent between the SNP’s rise to power in 2007 and 2014.

She added: “Scotland is historically viewed as the birthplace of workers’ rights and we continue to have a strong track record with industrial relations.

“Since the start of this administration (in the period from 2007 to 2014) industrial disputes in Scotland have decreased by 84% and they have remained steady over the last few years.

“The Scottish trend in days lost to industrial disputes is the lowest of all of the UK nations.”

Ms Cunningham said the figures demonstrated “the positive partnership working the Scottish Government has built up with our unions over a number of years”.

She argued that the Trade Union Bill proposed by the UK government could undermine this relationship and said the Scottish Government will “continue to vigorously oppose this legislation”.

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