Just a Minute: Steven Fraser - Director at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP, Chartered Accountants

Just a Minute: Steven Fraser - Director at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP, Chartered Accountants

Steven Fraser

Name: Steven Fraser

Position:  Director at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP, Chartered Accountants

Why did you chose to work in the finance sector and how and did you get started in the industry? As a kid I was always good with numbers so the natural career move was into finance. It could be said that I went the unconventional route by starting with HM revenue & Customs before switching allegiances to Private Practise.

Who or what has been the greatest professional influence in your life? I have been and continue to be influenced by successful business leaders who have had the belief in their ideas/products to make them global successes and used their passion to get over the hurdles put in front of them.

Your best and worst professional experience? The best experience to date is the opportunity the business has given me to undertake volunteering activities in the local community to support local charities. A very humbling and rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone. There has been no bad experience so far and I hope that it remains that way for a long time!!

What’s the best advice you received, either personal or professional? Be the best that you can be, that does not necessarily mean you are the ‘best’ at what you do.

What do you like most and least about your job? I really like the people and working alongside them so they realise their potential. Finding the worst part is harder as I genuinely enjoy everything that comes with the job even timesheets and fees!!

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in finance? Talk to someone who has started at the bottom and is now in a position you aspire to. Often we find that entry level applicants think that they’ll be making key decisions from day 1 and don’t appreciate that they need to build a foundational understanding of their chosen area, which includes undertaking the more basic tasks, before they get to the “exciting” stuff. Also, seek out firms who provide “hands on” training, alongside any professional qualifications, so you can gain an all-round experience.

What you would most like to change in the industry? I don’t think we talk about failure enough. If everyone was to acknowledge that at some point you will fail but the real test is how we deal with it, and understand that some of our greatest successes comes from lessons learned it would have a huge impact on the industry.

Are you pessimistic or optimistic about the economic outlook in the wake of June’s Brexit vote? I don’t believe there is any point in being pessimistic about something that is outside of my control. Instead I focus on looking at the opportunities it could bring for our business and how we can support clients through it.

Which social media sites do you use? Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the office? Chasing my little boy around the playground and playing football when I can find the time.

What job would you want to do if you were not in finance? Sports broadcaster, travelling the world watching sport - what is there not to like!!

What is your favourite holiday destination?: Dubai

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