Lumley lends voice to Aberdeen’s latest cartoon offering

Joanna Lumley
Joanna Lumley

Aberdeen Asset Management has released a new short online cartoon animation series incorporating the voice of British A-list celebrity Joanna Lumley to explain the Seven Deadly Sins of Multi-Asset Investing.

The former model and actress, best known for her roles in the New Avengers and latterly in the memorable comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, brings one of the most recognised voices in the UK to Aberdeen’s latest online information service, which will be simultaneously released in Europe and the United States.

The initiative is the second cartoon series produced by the asset manager following the Ten Golden Rules of Equity Investing, narrated by John Cleese, that has been watched over two million times on YouTube since its launch last year.

Both cartoon animations were adapted from booklets produced by Aberdeen that draw on the experience and stories from fund managers and look to guide investors away from common mistakes made when first investing in equity or multi-asset funds.

The series may be watched on Aberdeen’s magazine channel, Thinking aloud, that explores investment news, thoughts on asset allocation and stories the group find inspiring in their work.

Piers Currie, Group Head of Brand said: “This has been a really engaging project.Representing investment management in a more human, modern and dynamic way is not easy.We hope that what we’ve created is something that is not only entertaining but also offers some behavioural steers to investors of all types and ages.”

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