PicoJar completes £146,000 funding round

PicoJar completes £146,000 funding round

Edinburgh tech start-up PicoJar has successfully completed a £146,000 pre-seed funding round led by Techstart Ventures and backed by Skyscanner founder Gareth Williams.

The firm, which was founded by former Amazon and Skyscanner software engineer Siwei Kang, is behind an AI-powered note-taking app which allows users to manage and annotate mobile phone screenshots.

Ms Kang said: “In the age of attention economy, the rapid speed at which we consume information calls for a more effective way to capture thoughts and ideas - copy-pasting is simply too slow.

“PicoJar believes mobile screenshots are the digital synapses that can capture any inspiration at the blink of an eye from literally anywhere - from a YouTube course slide to an insight encountered on Twitter.

“But there is no tool in the market that is making these screenshots useful, most of them usually end up cluttering your photostream and never see the daylight again.”

PicoJar is due to launch its first private beta later this month and users can now visit the website to request early access, The Insider reports. 

Ms Kang added: “More and more screenshots are circulating around the internet these days due to the ongoing events and movement. People share screenshots because they are forensic - they can capture any fleeting digital moment, and it doesn’t matter if it is an Instagram story or a later deleted tweet.

“PicoJar is not just a utility tool that helps people organise their mobile screenshots, it also empowers people to express themselves without having to go through the hurdles of traditional content creation. Showing others what inspired you is the quickest way to build a narrative about who you are.”

Calum Forsyth, an Edinburgh-based investor at Techstart Ventures, added: “We are delighted to lead PicoJar’s pre-seed round. Since our initial conversation with Siwei, we have been hugely impressed by both her product instincts and wider vision on knowledge curation.”

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