Plans submitted for new single malt distillery near Kelso

Plans submitted for new single malt distillery near Kelso

The distillery will produce authentic “field to bottle” single malt whisky.

Scottish Borders Council has received plans for a new whisky distillery to be built on the site of Grahamslaw Farm near Kelso.

Plans for The Grahamslaw Distillery Company are being led by business woman Sarah Lang alongside a group of whisky experts, with the aim of converting Grahamslaw Farm into a “high-quality, sustainable distillery”.

The long term goal of the business is to produce whisky leaving a zero-carbon footprint with an environmental legacy running through all aspects of the distillery, from the energy used to the buildings’ conversion and sustainable farming practices.

The distillery will place a strong emphasis on producing authentic “field to bottle” single malt whisky, using only spring barley grown on the farm, The Herald reports. 

Iain Lochhead, distillery operations advisor to Grahamslaw Distillery, said: “Grahamslaw is an ideal location for a malt whisky distillery. Set in a beautiful landscape in the Tweed Valley, it has stunning views overlooking the river Kale, a good water supply from a natural spring, excellent surrounding agricultural land, and the good transport links essential for a distillery.”

Under the plans, the original stone buildings will be restored to allow for the creation of a mash house, traditional dunnage cask storage, a fermentation room and a new still house.

The long room, which will be a private lunchroom for guests, will also open out into a walled garden.

The Grahamslaw Distillery will also feature a converted 17th century Haughhead laird’s house, which will be home to a private whisky tasting house beside the river Kale.

Ms Lang, the owner of Grahamslaw Farm and founder of the Grahamslaw Distillery, added: ““We are incredibly excited to breathe new life into our beautiful old buildings and bring significant economic benefit and employment to both Kelso and the Scottish Borders.

“We are passionate about the benefits Grahamslaw Distillery will bring to the Kelso area, a place with which our family has a long history and a deep connection.

“We will be taking our time to distil and mature the finest malt whisky, and we will also be working hard to lead the way in the industry with sustainable and environmentally friendly production and farming practices.”

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