Scotland plans first government bond to boost infrastructure investment

Scotland plans first government bond to boost infrastructure investment

Humza Yousaf

Scotland is poised to issue its own government bond for the first time, a move set to finance critical infrastructure projects.

First Minister Humza Yousaf disclosed plans for the bond’s issuance by the culmination of the current parliamentary tenure, following comprehensive due diligence and analysis to guarantee value for money and identify lucrative investment avenues in Scotland.

The First Minister said: “Scotland has a wealth of investment opportunities. Issuing a bond will help raise Scotland’s profile and engagement with international investors to attract investment.

“This will be a first for the Scottish Government and is a significant undertaking. The next steps will involve the commissioning of detailed analysis and necessary due diligence. Subject to the successful completion of that process, the first bond will issue by the end of this parliamentary session.

“This is an exciting opportunity to use the powers we already have to invest in infrastructure for Scotland’s future.

That investment in infrastructure is key to supporting the three priorities I have outlined for the Scottish Government over the next three years – delivering high quality public services, boosting a green and thriving economy and ensuring equality of opportunity for everyone.”

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