Scotland’s ski slopes bring in £23.2m as season ends

Heather Negus
Heather Negus

New figures released on the closing of this year’s Scottish ski season have shown the country’s five winter sports centres enjoyed more days open for business than the season before, generating revenue of £23.2m for the economy.

Skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes for a total of 463 days compared to 441 days last season, amounting to an additional extra three extra weeks for ringing tills at Lecht, Glenshee, Nevis Range, CairnGorm and Glencoe.

A total of 230,634 “skier days” were recorded as spending continued, not only at the snowsports resorts but also in their local areas.

A skier day means one person who skis or snowboards on one day. Many of the same people return to the slopes several times during the season.

There were 235,303 in the 2013-2014 season.

While an estimated £4.6m was spent at the centres, the remainder, £18.6m, went to accommodation providers, places to eat and drink, shops, filling stations and other businesses.

Chairwoman of Ski-Scotland Heather Negus, said: “We had excellent snow at most resorts and the five snowsports areas were able to operate for a total of 463 days, better than last season’s 441.”

She said the previous winter Scottish resorts had enjoyed better, deeper snowfall than many world-renowned resorts, resulting in media interest which Ski-Scotland was able to build on and so attract more customers.

She added: “Usually by April people are thinking of other activities, but not this year!”

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