Scottish Government pledges £2.9m to boost inclusive entrepreneurship

Scottish Government pledges £2.9m to boost inclusive entrepreneurship

Neil Gray MSP

The Scottish Government has unveiled new funding initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among under-represented communities.

A total of 42 recipients will share £1.6 million through the Ecosystem Fund, while 20 projects will receive £1.3m through a new Pre-Start Pathways Fund.

Funding to help women and other priority groups become entrepreneurs and access support and advice forms part of the Scottish Government initiative.

Wellbeing Economy Secretary Neil Gray announced the recipients at the Scottish Black Talent Summit in Edinburgh.

He said: “These two funds provide key support to unlock the potential in underrepresented communities, realising their talent and widening pathways for them to start thriving businesses.

“Funding grassroots organisations is crucial. But we must also address systemic gaps preventing equal entrepreneurial participation. That’s why the Pre-Start Fund complements the Ecosystem Fund in extending support more widely.

“Between established business community support and expanding community inclusion programmes, I believe Scotland is building an entrepreneurial climate that lives up to our guiding missions of equality, opportunity and community.”

Edinburgh data literacy company DataKirk has received grants from the Ecosystem and Prestart Pathways funds.

Founder and chief executive officer at the DataKirk, Fash Fasoro, said: “We are delighted that DataKirk has been chosen as the recipient of both the Scottish Ecosystem Fund and the Pathways Pre-Start Fund by the Scottish Government. These grants will enable us to further our mission of empowering Black Talent to reaching their full entrepreneurial potential.

“At DataKirk, we are driven by a vision of a world where every individual, regardless of their background, has equal access and opportunities to not only create their own-source revenues but also contribute to job creation and community investment.

“These grants will enable us to expand our efforts, support more aspiring Black Talent entrepreneurs and foster an ecosystem of inclusivity and innovation. This is a significant step forward in our journey and we are excited about the positive change we can bring to communities and the Scottish entrepreneurial landscape.”

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