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There is no doubt that the UK is one of the best locations for wind power in the world – and there’s been significant investment to capitalise on that energy advantage. At present it has over 11,000 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 28 gigawatts (GW) and aspires to secure

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Foreign nationals who are in the UK on sponsored visas find themselves racing against the clock following a redundancy, but employers also bare responsibility, writes Kelly Hardman. Global companies across a swathe of sectors, including finance and technology, continue to announce job cuts and many

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Energy companies are having to keep on top of often complex employment rules and regulations if their offshore rig crews feature personnel from overseas. It’s a particular issue if they were used to hiring European nationals pre-Brexit and are therefore unfamiliar with the sponsorship routes,

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John Kiely, solicitor at Fragomen, looks at the prospect of more international arrivals in Scottish football due to the changes in the transfer rules. Money’s notoriously tight in Scottish football. So, could new transfer rules see clubs yield better value for money by signing the best talent

1-4 of 4 Articles
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