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The average inheritance tax (IHT) bill in Scotland has climbed 8.5% towards £200,000 according to the latest figures released by HMRC. For the year 2018-19, the average inheritance tax bill in the UK was £209,502. In London, the bill stood at £271,820, while in Wales it was £

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Scottish savers have more money in their ISAs than their UK counterparts, according to new figures from HMRC. According to the data, there are 1.4 million Scottish adults with ISAs with an average holding of £29,861, higher than all other countries in UK. However, fewer of them use the tax-eff

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New research from NFU Mutual has found that just 37.6% of adults in Scotland have ISAs, compared to a UK average of 42.1%.

1-4 of 4 Articles