Alexander Manufacturing steers Scottish textiles towards sustainable future with key appointment

Alexander Manufacturing steers Scottish textiles towards sustainable future with key appointment

Pictured (L-R): Murray Alexander, Nadia Alexander, and Kyrk Macmillan

Scottish luxury garment manufacturer firm, Alexander Manufacturing, the production arm of Hancock 1843, has appointed Kyrk Macmillan, former CEO of Copenhagen’s fashion brand Wood Wood, as its new commercial director.

Mr Macmillan, formerly the CEO of the renowned Copenhagen-based brand Wood Wood, brings his wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the business.

This key corporate appointment marks a pivotal moment in the company’s journey towards contributing substantially to the nation’s textile industry, placing sustainability and the circular economy at the forefront of its operations.

Mr Macmillan will also act as commercial director for the Oliami luxury fashion boutique.

Nadia Alexander, owner of Hancock 1843, is steeped in British sartorial tradition. Drawing inspiration from the illustrious legacy of Thomas Hancock and the creation of the iconic Mackintosh raincoat, the brand is dedicated to preserving traditional techniques whilst integrating modern sustainability practices.

Ms Alexander said: “Kyrk’s appointment is transformative for Alexander Manufacturing and our fashion boutique, Oliami.

“His insights and leadership will be instrumental in steering the business towards new horizons while deepening our commitment to Scottish craftsmanship and sustainability.”

Mr Macmillan added: “I am delighted to be joining Alexander Manufacturing. Having worked abroad for the past number of years, I have seen from the outside how revered Scottish manufacturing and craftsmanship are.

“Nadia’s passion and vision for creating modern luxury in a way that values people and the environment is remarkable.

“Alexander Manufacturing is in an extremely fortunate position where we can nurture the full value chain of our products, and I am excited to work closely with Nadia to bring the best of Scotland to our partners and customers.”

Under Ms Alexander’s leadership, Alexander Manufacturing and Oliami retail has already carved a niche in the luxury fashion sector.

Alexander Manufacturing has recently crafted exclusive clothing concepts for premium Scottish whisky brands, The Macallan and The Glenturret Distillery.

The firms is contributing to the resurgence of the Scottish textile industry and playing a crucial role in revitalising local communities. The brand fosters economic growth while championing sustainability by investing in infrastructure and creating valuable employment opportunities. At the heart of this mission is the brand’s commitment to the circular economy, reflected in its lifetime repair service, reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption.

Its collaboration with Fothergill Polycom and commitment to traceability further enrich the brand’s sustainability narrative. House of Hancock ensures ethical and sustainable practices are at the heart of every garment produced by utilising fleeces from local sheep farms in Perthshire and working closely with HD Wool under their Woolkeepers initiative.

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