Barclays offers compensation after data leak

barclays_bankBarclays has offered £250 in compensation to around 2,000 customers whose personal information was found on a USB stick recovered from a flat in England.

The data theft was discovered last February.

Customers in Scotland who are among those whose data was found on the USB stick have now been offered £250 each as part of the bank’s total £500,000 pay-out.

The USB stick, which was found in the south coast of England by police in an unconnected raid, reportedly contained encrypted information about a group of customers which had been provided to Barclays Financial Planning in 2008.

The encrypted data is believed to have included information on customers’ investment plans and capabilities as well as personal information such as health issues and passport numbers.

The bank has not established how the theft of data took place, but says it increased its cyber security capabilities last year.

The bank does not believe the data was successfully decrypted.

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