MacNeil Shellfish invests £5 million in new European distribution hub

MacNeil Shellfish invests £5 million in new European distribution hub

Scottish sustainable seafood specialists MacNeil Shellfish has opened a cutting-edge distribution hub in Spain’s northern city of Bilbao.

This expansion, the culmination of five years of meticulous planning and dedication, marks a significant milestone for the family-operated enterprise as it seeks to scale its operations and solidify its position in the European market.

With an investment exceeding £5 million, MacNeil Shellfish has developed a 3000 square metre facility designed to propel the company into its next growth phase. This state-of-the-art hub is set to enhance MacNeil’s operational efficiency, increase its market share, and significantly boost its distribution capabilities across Spain, Portugal, and the broader European continent.

Shellfish from Scotland remains one of the most sought after products throughout the EU, and the new factory will allow MacNeil to increase production with an expected 30% growth in 2024 turnover, and 10% increase in exports. The business will offer certified sustainably sourced products by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) with full provenance and traceability to meet European consumer demand.

Since its inception in 2012 by Michael MacNeil and partner Amber Knight, MacNeil Shellfish has steadfastly championed the cause of sustainable and ethical seafood harvesting. Partnering with nearly 600 local suppliers in Scotland, MacNeil has carved out a reputation for its wild, creel-caught delicacies, including crab, lobster, and langoustine, setting the gold standard for responsible shellfish sourcing.

The MacNeil Group operates with subsidiaries in the UK, Spain and Ireland. With a joint venture in Spain with Fishellnorth Ansomar, and plans to extend operations in France and the Netherlands in the immediate future.

MacNeil Shellfish invests £5 million in new European distribution hub

Amber Knight

Amber Knight, co-owner of MacNeil Shellfish, said: “At MacNeil Shellfish, our core mission extends beyond just selling seafood. We are deeply invested in nurturing a sustainable future for our community of suppliers, partners, and employees.

“Our new facility in Bilbao is a testament to our dedication to excellence and sustainability. It will not only enhance our distribution capabilities but also reinforce our support for the Scottish fishing communities, enabling us to deliver our exceptional products more effectively across Spain and Europe.”

The expansion marks a new chapter in MacNeil Shellfish’s journey, promising to bring the finest Scottish seafood to tables across Europe with even greater efficiency and sustainability.

MacNeil will also be attending the 30th edition of the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona from 23-25 April, to meet with global industry suppliers and buyers for the seafood industry.

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