NHS Credit Union wins Fairbanking Mark Award

NHS Credit Union wins Fairbanking Mark Award

The Glasgow-based NHS Credit Union has received a Fairbanking Mark Award for its savings product.

The award makes it the first credit union to have gained a three star Fairbanking Mark for its regular savings account.

The NHS Credit Union has also previously won a Fairbanking Award for its personal loan products.

Ruth Dorman, chief executive of NHS Credit Union, said: “We are delighted to be recognised as the first ever credit union to achieve the Fairbanking Mark for our Savings Product. Through the hard work, dedication and determination of the board of directors and staff team we continually strive to provide our members and their families with a safe and ethical home for their saving and borrowing needs, ensuring we deliver on ‘People not Profit’.

“To place our Fairbanking Savings Award alongside our Fairbanking Award for our Loan products is a very proud moment and further emphasises our aim to improve the financial well-being of our members.”

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