Revolut tells employees they can work abroad for two months a year

Revolut tells employees they can work abroad for two months a year

Challenger bank Revolut has told its employees that they can spend up to two months a year working from abroad.

The fast-growing British banking app, which has more than 2,000 staff, said the policy would ensure its international workforce could spend more time with their families.

Jim MacDougall, vice-president of people at Revolut, said: “Our employees asked for flexibility and that’s what we’re giving them.”

A staff survey found that 36% would like a full remote-working policy. More than 56% said they would prefer to work from home between two and four days a week. Only 2% said that they would prefer to work from the office every day.

Revolut launched in 2015 and offers its 15 million customers a range of banking services, including an app that allows users to spend different currencies at the interbank exchange rate with low fees. It also provides bank accounts to about 500,000 businesses.

In February, Revolut announced that most of its employees would be able to choose to work from home or the office under a policy due to come into force by the end of the year, The Times reports.

The bank has now said that after studying overseas corporate tax, immigration, income tax and social security regulations, it was creating a policy for overseas working that benefited employees as far as possible.

Earlier this week, HSBC and JP Morgan announced more of their staff would work from home permanent, with Nationwide also allowing 13,000 staff to work from home whenever they choose. Earlier this month, PwC also announced a deal to allow its 22,000 employees greater flexibility for post-pandemic working.

However, some companies are eager for staff to spend more time in the office. Amazon expects its employees to return to an “office-centric” culture by the autumn.

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