Swinney to publish fiscal framework documents

John Swinney
John Swinney

The Scottish Government will publish all the key papers on the Fiscal Framework before the end of the parliamentary term, Deputy First Minister John Swinney has announced.

Speaking ahead of a Joint Exchequer Committee meeting in Edinburgh, Mr Swinney said: “I agreed at the outset with Chief Secretary to the Treasury that the detail of our discussions, like any negotiation, should remain private while they are ongoing and that remains our position. There needs to be a private space in which talks can take place.

“Once this process has run its course, Scotland’s Parliament and people have a right to see all the key documents. That’s why I can give a commitment that I will publish these documents in time for Scottish Parliamentary scrutiny and before the Scottish Parliament dissolves.

“People have a right to expect open and transparent government and will be able to see and judge for themselves the issues at stake.

“I want to agree a fiscal framework with the UK Government that is fair to Scottish and to UK taxpayers and allows us to properly exercise the new powers without fear of penalty.

“I am working flat out to get that and giving all of the time possible to do a deal. With time running out, we need to make substantial progress.

“The fiscal framework must remain true to Smith Agreement which said the Barnett Formula will remain and that Scotland should be no better or worse off as a result of having new powers.

“That cannot be undermined, and I will not sign anything that risks systematically cutting Scotland’s budget, regardless of anything that this or future Scottish Governments do.”

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