The Sunday Times publishes Scotland’s 2019 Rich List

The Sunday Times publishes Scotland's 2019 Rich List

The Sunday Times has published its Rich List 2019 revealing that Scotland’s richest residents are worth £35 billion. 

This year’s list contains 82 entries in Scotland who between them are worth £34.957bn, equal to 4.5% of the wealth of the UK’s richest 1,000.

Their combined wealth is up by £2.618bn (8.1%) on last year when the total wealth of the 81 Rich List entries from Scotland was £32.339bn.
The listing has also highlighted that most of the country’s wealth is generated on the east of the country within a band that stretches from Edinburgh to Moray — although Glasgow is still home to the highest number of multi-millionaires.

The 2019 list shows that six of Scotland’s 11 billionaires are based in the east of the country. They are worth almost £10.5bn, just over 60% of the combined wealth (£17.245bn) of Scotland’s super-rich.

Over half (44) of Scotland’s multi-millionaires live in the east of Scotland in areas such as Moray, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire/Tayside, Edinburgh and Lothian. They are worth £20.315bn which is 58.1% of the total Rich List wealth in Scotland.

Moray is home to two of the country’s wealthiest individuals; Glenn Gordon and family, who have amassed a £2.882bn fortune from spirits and distilling, and Trond Mohn, the Norwegian entrepreneur who was born in Buckie during the Second World War.

Edinburgh boasts one billionaire — the property and finance tycoon Jim Mellon (£1.1bn) — and 11 multi-millionaires including JK Rowling and Sir Tom Farmer. Aberdeen’s resident billionaire, the oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood (£1.763bn) is joined by eight multi-millionaires.

Fourteen entries in this year’s Rich List hail from Glasgow and boast a combined wealth of just under £5.5bn. They include John Shaw and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, whose estimated fortune from pharmaceuticals is £1.689bn and the Clark family, which has made £1.178bn from car sales.

Glasgow has a total of 12 multi-millionaires, the highest number in Scotland, including Duncan Bannatyne (£300m, fitness clubs/hotels), Sir John Mactaggart (£200m, property) and Sir Peter Vardy (£187m, car sales). JK Rowling’s wealth is put at £750m, up £50m on last year. 

Calvin Harris, the Dumfries-born DJ is also thought to have amassed a further £25m this year.

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