HOKO crowdfunding campaign raises more than £420,000 in just two weeks

Glasgow-based residential architecture start-up HOKO has raised more than £420,000 in just two weeks as the £15 million-valued firm prepares to become the undisputed UK market leader in its field within the next five years.

HOKO crowdfunding campaign raises more than £420,000 in just two weeks

Danny Campbell, HOKO founder (Photo: Jeff Holmes)

Almost 200 investors have already backed HOKO’s ongoing Brick By Brick crowdfunding campaign – which aims to raise at least £500,000 to fund the opening of 30 new studios across the UK and a first overseas studio.

The launch of the high-profile campaign gained national attention when HOKO founder Danny Campbell announced the creation of the ‘world’s most expensive brick’, which investors receive in return for putting £25,000 into the business.

Already, several major backers are ready to receive their limited-edition, custom-made blue HOKO brick – a symbol of the firm and architecture’s future.

The crowdfunding campaign has also attracted backing from investors who put money into HOKO in its first investment round in 2019.

Described as ‘Uber for architecture’, HOKO has already attracted backing from investors Donald Wilson, Graham Campbell and Warren Gee, who see the firm’s potential to be a world leader in its field and now sit on its board.

HOKO Design’s crowdfunding options in this round of crowdfunding begin at £25 rising to £25,000.

Mr Campbell, who has this year overseen a successful UK regional expansion leading to a 1,000% increase in clients, said: “We are already blown away by the response from investors so far – we know we are building something big and to see so many people show their faith by backing us is special.

“Every investor is helping to shape not only HOKO’s future, but the future of home architecture. We are so close to our target now, but there’s still a chance for people to join us on this fantastic journey. Brick by brick, we can build a better future for home architecture.”

With further national and international expansion in the pipeline, HOKO has forecast annual revenue to exceed £50m by YE 2025.

The number of projects carried out by the firm also rose by 970% to nearly 400 this calendar year as interest in home improvements and extensions surged throughout lockdown.

The firm has developed a process that allows small projects to be consistently delivered at a high volume by unburdening key professionals. HOKO has built a team of high-calibre architects supported by technology and a strong backroom team so all energy is focused where it should be – on the architecture.

Large architectural firms have traditionally shunned smaller projects – viewed as ‘a hassle’ – in favour of higher yielding large projects.

HOKO has reversed this principle by becoming a large firm selling high-volume person-hours by delivering smaller projects on a large scale. The model enables the HOKO to take on 10 times the amount of clients as a traditional practice while spending more one-one-one time with them.

HOKO estimates UK homeowners spend more than £55 billion on home renovations every year. With more than 450,000 UK home planning applications decided each year and no market leader, HOKO is primed to step into that position before embarking on its next objective to be the household name in home improvement on the world stage by franchising the model globally.

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