Insights Group’s operating profit leaps to £19.9m amid global digital expansion

Insights Group's operating profit leaps to £19.9m amid global digital expansion

Terra Nova, the group's Dundee office

The Dundee-based Insights Group has announced a revenue surge to £95 million, with its subsidiary, Insights Learning and Development, contributing 95% to this figure through its globally recognised four-colour personality model, Insights Discovery.

The group’s success is attributed to its learning and development products being digitally accessible across the globe, in addition to their face-to-face delivery. This has come at a time when 83% of companies, according to LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report, are seeking to foster a more people-centric work culture.

According to the accounts filed at Companies house, operating profit for the year was £19.9m, an increase of 76.2% compared to the previous year of £11.3m, with top sectors investing in Insights including pharmaceuticals, retail, and technology as companies grapple with talent challenges including recruitment, engagement, and the development of human skills in an increasingly digital-led workplace.

Insights Group's operating profit leaps to £19.9m amid global digital expansion

Fiona Logan

Fiona Logan, chief executive at Insights Learning and Development, commented: “Our market position is stronger than ever and most excitingly we have a new strategic period starting with a focus on innovation and our customer communities which is really galvanising us.

“Alongside our digital transformation strategy, we have extended our global coverage, purposefully investing in our teams and enterprise systems to help profitably scale the positive impact and world-class experiences we can deliver.

“We have joined up our regions around the world to unlock collaboration and significant commercial opportunities, particularly with market investment in North America and a focus on our Asia Pacific business, which are both significant potential growth territories for us.

“Our phenomenal community are core to our success and work creatively and tirelessly in pursuit of our purpose and our business objectives.

“The more we focus on the well-being and experience of our people at Insights and our amazing Insights Discovery practitioners, the more we see that effort rewarded in our performance and productivity.”

Insights continue to invest in its own 650+ employees with the ultimate objective of role-modelling the positive culture and behaviours that it coaches its customers to achieve. Further investments will be in existing and future digital products – including embedding learning in customer collaboration tools and virtual experiences.

The Insights Group also includes Vidatec, which designs and builds digital platforms of all sizes, ranging from mobile apps designed to enhance health and well-being, to complex technical platforms for large enterprises. Vidatec has a newly appointed managing director, Ross Wilson, who has ambitious plans to build on its brand.

Insights Group's operating profit leaps to £19.9m amid global digital expansion

Andy Lothian

Insights Group chief executive Andy Lothian adds that it is an extraordinary time for the Group.

He said: “Our financial results are strong, but most importantly our growth is centred around the purpose of our organisation where people are inspired to make a positive difference in the world. Our success helps develop the work of our Insights Foundation which is making a difference beyond our commercial impact.

“It is clear that ‘human skills’ continue to be a crucial driver for business growth and it’s a win-win for both employers and employees in terms of attracting and retaining talent as we adjust to the post-pandemic climate. We’re confident that our brilliant teams will continue to build more value for our customers and accelerate our growth.”

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