Just a Minute with Emma King

Just a Minute with Emma King

Emma King

In this edition of our Just A Minute Q&A series, we speak to solicitor and businesswoman Emma King, director of Complete Clarity Solicitors, Simplicity Legal, and Onwards Answering.

How did you get started in the industry?

For no identifiable reason, since no one in my family knew anyone who was a lawyer, I decided at primary school that’s what I wanted to do and then stuck to it, working my way through exams and Uni and then on to my traineeship to ultimately become the lawyer I’d decided to be aged eight.

Biggest professional achievement?

Guiding both our business – Complete Clarity Simplicity and Onwards Answering through the pandemic and coming out stronger and with the best working relationships we have ever had.

Best advice you received?

On a personal level – as long as you have done your best that is a success. Something I try to live by and as long as I can answer honestly yes, it makes any disappointments or setbacks easier to deal with.

On a business level – the answer is in the numbers. No matter how daunting a project or circumstance is, when you examine the numbers you know what you can do.

What do you like most about your job?

In my role now I get to combine my passion for the law and helping others but, through helping develop the firm and others, to an even wider spectrum of people than me acting alone could do.

And the least?

Unfortunately – and despite our best efforts there will always be situations we cannot solve though I hope we can at least make things easier for our clients and ensure they have an understanding of the circumstances.

What if any permanent changes have been made within your company in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Like so many others – the biggest take away has been hybrid working. We decided in July 2020 that we would never work full time in the office again and, since 2022 and being allowed back into the office environment, we have embraced the hybrid working model and genuinely feel it delivers the best of both worlds for our team and clients.

This year we have gone a step further and introduced a condensed working hours model which means everyone has the option of working a four-day week. It’s had a great impact on team morale as well as allowing us to offer extended opening hours, and so services, to our clients.

Which newsletters/bulletins do you receive?

Scottish Financial News, Scottish Legal News and Law Society of Scotland Newsletters.

How would you change Scottish Financial News?

Nothing – I like the layout of the stories to keep me updated.

Do you read a daily newspaper?


Which social media sites do you use, and which do you find the most useful?

LinkedIn and, to a lesser degree, Facebook and Instagram.

Hobbies and interests?

I like cooking and exploring new cultures and cuisines – and then long dog walks to walk off what we’ve eaten!

Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere with the sun, but Laos was a particularly special place.

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