Russell & Russell specialists called in to highlight the benefits of doing business in Scotland

Russell & Russell specialists called in to highlight the benefits of doing business in Scotland

Stuart Clark

Experts at Glasgow-based chartered accountant, tax adviser and auditor Russell & Russell have been called on by the Scottish enterprise sector to present an authoritative investment view of Scotland to an international financial audience.

Stuart Clark, managing director, and Ian McMonagle, specialist tax adviser, will present at an online seminar called Doing Business in Scotland organised by TGS Global, the dynamic business network with 69 members in 58 countries.

The event, co-hosted by trade and inward investment agency Scottish Development International (SDI) on October 13, will highlight Scotland’s strengths to the global network, with an overview of the country’s financial situation and its potential for business opportunity.

The webinar is designed to give the investment audience guidance on setting up a business in Scotland, detail the main commercial sectors and provide an insight into the tax considerations of doing business in the country.

Stuart Clark said: “Inward investment makes a disproportionate and positive contribution to Scotland’s economy and complements our existing industrial and commercial base. It is important to take every opportunity to encourage this on a global level.

“We are pleased, as a firm, to have been approached by SDI to participate in this webinar and to be able to give as clear and accurate picture as possible of the many great advantages of investing in Scotland.

Russell & Russell specialists called in to highlight the benefits of doing business in Scotland

Ian McMonagle

“Managed well, inward investment brings opportunities across Scottish supply chains and ensures our skill systems and management match global standards, allowing us to build internationally competitive businesses.”

Ian McMonagle added: “Scotland is an attractive investment landscape, with one of the highest employment rates in Europe and a GDP per capita of more than £30,000. It has healthy, internationally-operating sectors such as food and drink and oil and gas.

“Russell & Russell has been advising firms in Scotland for many, many years and, in spite of the pandemic, has increased its client portfolio over the last year by 20%, so it is well-placed to advise and guide the wider, international TGS Global network.”

As well as discussing GDP, inflation and import/export, the Russell & Russell specialists will cover integral investment concerns such as VAT, how personal tax rates differ from the rest of the UK, R&D and Patent Box reliefs, corporation tax and transfer pricing.

Russell & Russell has expanded recently from its keystone sectors of manufacturing, engineering and professional services to gain clients in construction, consultancy, medical and renewables.

It is now also eyeing potential acquisitions as an add-on to its organic growth, with a focus on firms which have not been proactive about the changes which are sweeping the profession, particularly the implications of Making Tax Digital.

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