NatWest Group

NatWest faces £300m fine after pleading guilty in money laundering case

Royal Bank of Scotland owner NatWest Group is facing a fine of £300 million after the bank pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to criminal charges brought by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (MLR 2007).

Published 8 October 2021

NatWest launches new 'housemate' app to manage shared bills

NatWest Group has launched a new 'housemate' app to help renters manage shared bills.

Published 25 August 2021

NatWest Group profits soar to £2.5 billion in first half of 2021

Royal Bank of Scotland owner NatWest Group has posted operating profits before tax of £2.505 million.

Published 30 July 2021

UK Treasury announces plans to sell NatWest Group shares

The UK Government has announced that it intends to sell part of its shareholding in NatWest Group plc (formerly the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc).

Published 23 July 2021

NatWest Group and Sustainable Food Trust to collaborate to help farmers measure environmental impact

NatWest Group and the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) are to join forces for the next two years to support the development of a common framework of farm sustainability metrics and an accompanying assessment tool that will enable farmers to measure their environmental and social impact and give them actionable insight to help them to reduce their emissions.

Published 9 July 2021

NatWest Group moves to increase financial inclusion of BAME communities

Royal Bank of Scotland owner NatWest Group has announced it is teaming up with Fair4All Finance, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and StepChange on new research into how ethnicity influences access to financial products and services in the UK.

Published 2 July 2021

NatWest to reach over 10,000 young people to help build essential skills for the workplace

NatWest Group has launched a new programme, CareerSense, to support 13-24-year-olds with readiness for work, aiming to reach over 10,000 young people this year.

Published 28 June 2021

Mortgage rates at under 1% continue to increase

The number of sub-1% mortgages on offer in the UK has increased as major banks and lenders extend their ranges.

Published 21 June 2021

NatWest Group HQ to move to London in event of Scottish independence

Alison Rose, the CEO of NatWest Group, has confirmed that the bank would move its registered headquarters to London if Scotland became independent.

Published 30 April 2021

RBS owner NatWest Group sees profits before tax reach £946 million

Royal Bank of Scotland owner NatWest Group has posted its results for the first quarter of 2021 revealing an 82% increase in operating profits before tax.

Published 29 April 2021

NatWest Group joins Net Zero Banking Alliance

NatWest Group has become one of 43 banks globally to join the Net Zero Banking Alliance, a coalition of financial services companies that have pledged to work together to help deliver the Paris Agreement.

Published 21 April 2021

NatWest Group joins forces with Microsoft to support businesses cutting carbon emissions

NatWest Group has joined forces with Microsoft to help UK businesses better understand their carbon footprint and create tailored action plans to reduce their carbon emissions leveraging digital technologies.

Published 24 March 2021

NatWest Group buys back £1.1bn of shares from Treasury

NatWest Group has bought back £1.1 billion of shares, bringing the UK Government's stake in the banking group down from 61.1% to 59.8%.

Published 19 March 2021

NatWest Group issues €1bn inaugural affordable housing social bond

NatWest Group has issued a €1 billion affordable housing social bond, the first of its kind by a UK bank.

Published 24 February 2021

NatWest Group reports 'resilient' performance in 2020 with £3.2bn impairment charge

NatWest Group has posted its annual results delivering what chief executive Alison Rose has called a "resilient performance" despite the bank's impairment charge of £3.2 billion.

Published 19 February 2021