The rich enjoy socially distanced getaways with £1m private jet package holidays

The rich enjoy socially distanced getaways with £1m private jet package holidays

Wealthy holidaymakers are enjoying socially distanced travel with the advent of £1 million private jet package holidays. 

Jet broker Fly Victor has seen bookings rise by 80% in the last few days, according to its founder, Clive Jackson.

The broker has revealed that a British businessman has chartered a Gulfstream to fly him from the US to the Maldives, picking up his family at Farnborough in Hampshire en route for a whopping one-way fee of £300,000.

Similarly, a British family has paid €1m to rent a serviced villa on the Côte d’Azur for the rest of the summer, according to concierge service Quintessentially, The Times reports. 

In an effort to minimise health risks, private jets are bundled in with helicopter transfers to yachts, villas or islands. Fiona Noble of Quintessentially has labelled this as: “the birth of the £1m package holiday”.

Many of those chartering superyachts, use jets and helicopters to go direct to the boat. Jamie Edmiston, a superyacht broker said: “Their feet hardly touch the ground.” Staff get the same treatment. Adam Twidell, the founder of PrivateFly said: “The flight for the crew can be a week earlier than the guests, so the crew can quarantine in a hotel before boarding.”

For those who wish to stay closer to home, high-end glamping is an option for many. At a price of £24,000 per person for four nights, guests can take a helicopter out of London to a remote camp, which has maharaja tents with double beds, en-suite bathrooms, a spa and tent service, according to Jimmy Carroll, co-founder of Pelorus, which creates “private adventures”

Due to the travel restrictions which have been brought in across the world, rich travellers have to decide where to visit. Wealthy families are now studying how countries have handled the pandemic to help them decide where to land the private jet. Countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Austria are attractive because they acted quickly to limit spread of COVID-19.

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