Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland provides £1.8m funding package to Lowmac Waste & Recycling

Ayrshire-based Lowmac Waste & Recycling is playing a key role in helping Scotland meet its ambitious recycling targets by 2021 with the support of a £1.8 million asset finance package from Bank of Scotland.

Published 22 November 2019

Direct Flooring receives £1.5m funding package from Bank of Scotland

Scotland’s largest independent flooring retailer, Direct Flooring is poised for expansion with the support of a £1.5 million funding package from Bank of Scotland.

Published 18 November 2019

Bank of Scotland's latest £20 note features Queensferry Crossing

Bank of Scotland has revealed the design of its latest £20 which will feature a new image of the Forth Bridge, with the Queensferry Crossing visible in the background.

Published 7 November 2019

Scottish business confidence improves, but remains weakest in UK

The Business Barometer produced by Bank of Scotland has revealed that overall confidence in October was -3%, an improvement of 15 points from September.

Published 4 November 2019

Scottish charity raises over £50,000 with BoS and RBS support

Scottish agriculture charity RSABI raised over £50,000 at its annual Great Glen Challenge event with support from Bank of Scotland and RBS.

Published 22 October 2019

East Lothian wedding venue to expand after £780,000 Bank of Scotland funding package

A popular East Lothian wedding venue has announced plans to expand with support from a £780,000 funding package from Bank of Scotland.

Published 21 October 2019

Bank of Scotland: A third of adults in Scotland do not save any money

A third (34%) of adults in Scotland say they do not save any money, according to new research conducted by the Bank of Scotland.

Published 16 October 2019

Scottish business confidence crumbles

The Bank of Scotland Business Barometer's new survey published today has revealed that businesses in Scotland are the least confident in the UK.

Published 30 September 2019

Goals Soccer Centres accountancy scandal could be higher than £12m

Bosses at Goals Soccer Centre, the five-a-side football pitch provider, have admitted that the £12 million blanks in their accounts could be much higher.

Published 30 September 2019

One-third of Scotland's bank branches have closed in five years, survey finds

A survey conducted by Which? has found that more than one-third of Scotland's bank branches have closed down within the last five years.

Published 24 September 2019

Bank of Scotland: Parents see apprenticeships and job training as better for careers than uni

Despite one third still seeing the value in university, Scottish parents believe apprenticeships and on the job training are better for career prospects than a degree for their children, according to new research by Bank of Scotland.

Published 12 September 2019

Highland residents fear crime increase due to bank closures

Residents of Fort Augustus worry that their town is facing a crime wave because bank closures mean businesses must keep cash on their premises.

Published 4 September 2019

Bank of Scotland's Business Barometer reveals business confidence decrease

Business confidence in Scotland decreased by nine points within a month to minus 9%, the Bank of Scotland Business Barometer has indicated.

Published 30 August 2019

Scottish house moves are the lowest in five years

The number of people moving house in Scotland has fallen to its lowest level in five years.

Published 27 August 2019

Bank of Scotland appoints David Henderson as real estate relationship manager

Bank of Scotland has appointed David Henderson to the role of real estate relationship manager following considerable growth within the sector.

Published 4 February 2019