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Gregor Duthie As Gourmet Burger Kitchen announces the closure of 17 restaurants in a Company Voluntary Arrangement, the number of empty units on our high streets increases by the day. But when most retail premises are occupied under ten or fifteen year leases, Gregor Duthie, Senior Associate, Real E

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Cat MacLean This week the Supreme Court handed down a judgement in the case of Dooneen v Mond, upholding the judgments of the Inner House and the Lord Ordinary (the late Lord Jones) before it. The claimants were therefore successful before all three courts. So what was their claim about? Cat Maclean

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With third-quarter corporate insolvency statistics to be published this week and likely to show a continued rise in the number of business failures in Scotland, Eileen Blackburn, head of restructuring and debt advisory at French Duncan, looks at what the trend can mean The first two quarters have se

646-660 of 901 Articles